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Sharon Hudson

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Rolling out resilience

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Over the course of an entire life, one will inevitably deal with setbacks, struggles and pain. The skills we use to deal with, and adapt to, these setbacks largely determine how we age, both physically and psychologically. Throughout our lives, in moments big and small, the strength and stamina of our resilience is a big part of what makes a good life. One of the fundamental challenges of human development is to progress from a basic ability to survive to a capacity to thrive. This challenge is crucial to the human condition. The neural architecture of the human brain is geared primarily towards survival but ultimately aims to enhance wellness, to thrive in the world, and to facilitate the enrichment of environments for fellow humans. This thriving response is the essence of resilience. Our understanding of resilience has made amazing leaps recently along with significant advances in the study of the molecular anatomy of the brain, and findings that link networks of the brain with core aspects of resilience. Now, we have the means to roll out resiliency We are working with a scientifically validated, neuroscience-based psychometric resilience measurement device to identify a person’s current levels of resilience over six domains. A holistic, forward-looking psychometric measurement of the crucial life skills that lead to the achievement of wellbeing and personal success. Then move on to building resilience through a comprehensive neuroscience-based resilience development course. The training delivery is online, self-paced an automated, AI-powered virtual coach, and case studies are showing exciting results.


Sharon is an avid life-long learner; she has under and post graduate qualifications in Human Resource, Project and Frontline Management. Her first degree was a Bachelor of Adult & Vocational Teaching and her latest qualification is a Graduate Diploma in Management Psychology. Her currently interest areas and further study is in Applied Positive Psychology and Neuroscience in the workplace. An innovative and experienced HR professional, Sharon has worked in a variety senior HR and Organisational Development roles for over 25 years. Her practical experience spans the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Sharon is now in private practice, as an Educator and Scientist-Practitioner in the study of human behaviour, and misbehaviour, in the workplace. Sharon works throughout Australasia as a Master Profiler, Educator, Workshop Facilitator and Speaker, Sharon resolves employee issues that impact the bottom line with two imperatives: cultivating positively engaging workplaces (TM) and turning talent into performance (TM).


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