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Doris Zuur

Toru Education,

Talk Title:

A permaculture approach to landscaping your life!

Talk Description:

Times of transition in your life can be a crisis and can create a gap, which can feel like an empty void where one feels lost. However, they can also stand for ‘unlimited potential’. Such transition times can be thrown at you or be self-chosen. Either way, you CHOOSE how you respond, either choosing to create something new and positive or drifting in the void, feeling disempowered and lost. For an empowering and creative choice, permaculture can provide a supportive framework and process to design the next phase of your life. Permaculture is a holistic design tool weaving together regenerative earth stewardship techniques derived from nature observations, eco-literacy and indigenous practices into a framework that creates sustainable, resilient and co-operative communities and livelihoods. Look at your life as you would at a freshly ploughed piece of land and design for sustainability! Use the 6 stage permaculture process and design and asses each stage through the lens of the 12 permaculture principles: 1. Questions: What is your current situation? 2. Observations: Make objective observations, e.g. in regard to your resources, skills and social network? 3. Analysis: What is going well, where lie the challenges? 4. Ideas: What are you dreaming of? 5. Implementation: How to make it real? 6. Feedback, adjustments and MAINTENANCE! Are you able to maintain the anticipated changes? Landscape your life using a permaculture approach to create well-being and regenerative resilience!


I have spent 25 years raising a family with my husband Bob, and co- founding/managing a Steiner school (; first as a parent, teacher and Trustee, and then 15 years as a principal. I am now freelancing from home. Hosting and catering (“Home Cooking Plus”) are my services and this lets me be involved with my passion for adult education in ‘sustainable living’ ( In Toru Education, we teach and learn from each other, and support each other to let our lives unfold authentically and courageously, without the pressure from self, others and society and embracing the miracles, challenges and wonders of life through observation, listening and practical action.


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