Conference Speakers
Dina Pozzo

Director insium Pty Ltd; University of Melbourne MAPP Graduate; IPPA (WOD) Member

Talk Title:

The courageous self

Talk Description:

The demonstration of courage provides a number of individual and workplace benefits. These benefits include the creation of positive energy and improved motivation; increased accountability; increased resourcefulness and goal attainment; increased self-confidence; increased willingness to learn from mistakes; increased healthy relationships and inclusiveness; and increased inspiration to act courageously after witnessing acts of courage by others. As described by Robert Biswas-Diener, courage enables individuals to live a full life, and hence is a key contributor to wellbeing. This key aim of this session is to heighten awareness of own courage and the need for courage in the workplace. Content includes: Why Courage? What is Courage? Courageous Self, including how you can use the courage you have demonstrated in the past to lead courageously in the workplace. Imagine the positive impact of courageous self for you, your family and friends, for your workplace.


Dina Pozzo is the Founder & a Director of insium Pty Ltd, an organisation committed to building confidence and capability in leaders and teams. Dina is a highly skilled facilitator and coach who creates a shared learning journey of curiosity and discovery, challenge and encouragement. Her aim is to broaden minds and build capability and confidence, empowering individuals to implement plans of action for sustainability and positive impact in workplaces. Dina completed a Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) from the University of Melbourne and recently launched “Leading with Courage” at the 5th World Congress of Positive Psychology in Montreal. “My purpose is to open doors. These may be doors that we are unaware of, or that we have discounted; doors that we have intentionally and firmly shut, or doors that may still be ahead of us. Studying MAPP has provided me with the evidence, practical knowledge and tools to help others to courageously open their own doors and discover what’s on the other side.”


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