Conference Speakers
Annick Janson

Centre for Applied Cross-cultural Research (CACR), Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Talk Title:

Positive parenting

Talk Description:

This research replicated a Positive Parenting programme for families with 157 Australian parents over the last 3 years. The New Zealand programme included 23 parents raising young children with disability or developmental delays. Its approach radically departs from deficiency-based interventions rooted the medical model which the disability sector has traditionally embraced. The intervention focused on the family’s positive vision for their child’s future, piloting practical tools for Family-Centered Practice. Parents were trained in 3 sequential short interventions informed by evidencewithin the positive psychology paradigm: Visioning for prospection (Seligman, Railton, Baumeister & Sripada, 2013); developing agency and pathways (Snyder, 2002), and identifying character strengths (Seligman, Steen, Park & Peterson, 2005) to build a wellbeing practice. The parenting programme was run over 20hrs of face-to-face sessions, with an 8-week period during which participants also shared learning in an online forum. The presentation will consider the implications of the research utilising the Benefit Mindset concept (Buchanan & Kern, 2017) to explain how parents launched an action group to share their learning with other families, following the aforementioned individual transformations.


A Fellow in Positive Psychology from the Gallup International Positive Psychology Institute, Dr. Annick Janson is Co-Founder and Research Director of the Now and Next program for parents raising children with disabilities. Rolled out in New Zealand, Australia, Finland and Canada, this Research and Development program pioneers the implementation of Positive Psychology in the disability sector as an alternative to the traditional deficit-based medical model. Annick is Associate at the Centre for Applied Cross-cultural Research, Victoria University of Wellington and past Research Director at the New Zealand Leadership Institute, University of Auckland Business School and at Microsoft NZ, Partners in Learning.


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