Conference Speakers

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Niki Harré

Inspiring action for the common good: The role of shared values and hope

Nigel Latta

Positive Psychology in the media: How to deepen its presence

Aaron Jarden

The future of Positive Psychology

Anna Sutton

A meta-analysis of authenticity, well-being and engagement

Tayyab Rashid

Positive psychotherapy (PPT) — From vulnerability to resilience

Bob Zuur

Photography as a metaphor for life

Robert Isler

Steering the NZAPP into the future: Intentions, dreams and realities.

Maree Roche

The positive leader – Organisational and individual benefits

Dan Weijers

Is wellbeing and public policy on the same flight path as positive psychology?

Doris Zuur

A permaculture approach to landscaping your life!

Denise Quinlan

Navigating well-being change: Customised, contextualised well-being planning for schools

Lucy Hone

Navigating well-being change: Customised, contextualised well-being planning for schools

Lorenzo Buscicchi

Positive Psychology and the “Paradox of Hedonism”

Carrie Barber

Positively pregnant: Applying the principles of positive psychology to a promote resilience and well-being in pregnancy

Dina Pozzo

The courageous self

Sharon Hudson

Rolling out resilience

Annick Janson

Positive parenting

Annalise Roache

Applied positive psychology; why we must proceed with care

Karen Roth

A mindful approach to wellbeing through the contemplation of beauty

Nick Laurence

Moving mindfulness from research to application to integration: Embodied mindfulness as a balm for 21st Century issues of mental illness, disconnection, and polarisation.

Paul Tupou-Vea

Life navigation: An emergent meta-theory for self-sustained psychological thriving

Roi Gal-Or

Story telling and Positive Psychology

Pisey Leng

Wisdom seeker

Kristina Cavit

Kindness Institute: Mindfulness and compassion training in high schools


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